Stainless Steel Cabinet Doors

Of course you can buy stainless steel cabinets and use these if you are buying your new kitchen furnishing, maybe this is the best way to go. However not everybody has the money for it, or some people might already have their kitchen cabinets and only want to upgrade them to a more modern design. This is part of what is called kitchen cabinet refacing. When you enter a kitchen full with stainless steel surfaces you feel like you’ve entered a very modern, futuristic room. Many homeowners love this type of kitchen and they are either buying them stainless steel or upgrading their doors to the durable and heavy metal. In the process of refacing, they also add new stainless steel cabinet pulls that are matching the new doors perfectly.

Changing your cabinet doors with stainless steel is a perfect way to give your kitchen a face lift. Many manufacturers actually can custom construct the doors so they are unique from kitchen to kitchen. The reason why people prefer these types of doors to their cabinets is because they are really sturdy, reliable and durable. They can last for many years to come and can keep the kitchen cabinets in good shape without having to replace them entirely.

When you are thinking of buy stainless steel cabinet doors for your kitchen cabinets there are a few things you need to pay attention to.

  • First of all the back of the door should be truly stainless steel. You might be fooled into buying painted phenolic or painted particle boards, however they are really not the best, as they are a cheap replacement for the real thing.
  • Another thing when you inspect the stainless steel doors is to check for any sharp exposed metal edges. You know you stumbled onto quality when you see nice rounded, hammed edges on each side of the door.
  • When you tap lightly the door you should not hear a hollow type of sound. The real thing has an entire different sound and you will know right away what you’ve got in front of you.
  • Also look in particular to the combining of the pieces. They need to fit nicely together with no gaps in between the pieces. The finish should be smooth and the finish should be consistent from one door to another.
  • Corners are something else to look into. The corners need to be smooth, polished and not to have any mismatches in the finish. They have to fit perfectly with the rest of the piece and they should appear seamless to the naked eye.
  • Once you are sure that you are looking at the real deal, you can buy it in the safe knowledge that the pieces will last you for many years. The good thing is, you don’t even need to maintain them too heavily and cleaning the doors is very easy. Not only that but they are usually sanitary and quite eco-friendly.
  • Some people asked whether the the stainless steel will scratch and how can it be repaired. Yes, it can be scratched and dented. If you see some minor scratches on it, you can easily mask it by rubbing softly the steel surface with a Scotch Bright pad or something similar. But make sure that you don’t over-rub in the surface as you might be doing more damage in the process.

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