Thomasville Kitchen Cabinets – Meeting Your Kitchen Needs With Class And Efficiency

When searching for home furniture, you should place Thomasville on top of your list. This company has been popular for its fine furniture since 1904. Today, you are given more options to decorate and make your home more functional through Thomasville kitchen cabinets than ever before.

The company performs both the product development as well as quality assurance while some home improvement stores manage the actual construction and retailing of said products. The results are excellent cabinetry in distinctive Thomasville classic styles and even more furniture-like models. Actually, the kitchen cabinets from Thomasville are created specifically to complement their furniture product lines.


Thomasville cabinetry are semi-customizable. You can get them in typical cabinet sizes but can be crafted in any configuration to suit your kitchen. This provides you, as a homeowner, a great alternative to tailor-made cabinets that are usually extremely costly.

Some of the additional units you can purchase with your cabinetry are a toe-kick drawer, plate racks, display shelves, and snap-out storage space in front of the kitchen sink. You can also select from a number of woods with each wood available in several different wood stain finishes. Furthermore, you can purchase the Thomasville kitchen cabinets with laminate finishes that make them much easier to clean.

One of the best things about these cabinets is that they take the look of your kitchen to the next level with their lavish finishing touches. You can have chic crown moldings, beadboard accents, and arches, which will furnish your kitchen with a fine yet functional appearance. These are the small things that potential buyers notice immediately when you sell your house. Thus, adding cabinets from Thomasville will absolutely increase your home’s value.

Where to Buy

Thomasville is the leading cabinetry manufacturer offered by Expo Design Centers and Home Depot. It is also perceived to be of the highest quality when it comes to kitchen cabinets. The company even guarantees its exceptional quality through lifetime warranties on workmanship and material defects.

Note, however, that the warranties will only consider replacement or free service depending on how the cabinets were used and are only applicable to the customer who made the purchase himself. The great news is that both customer service and craftsmanship are rated high, thus when you purchase Thomasville kitchen cabinets, you are sure to get quality furniture that is sure to last.

The only issue you may have with Thomasville cabinets is that they are exclusively available in Home Depot and Expo Design Centers. Some consumers have expressed their discontent with the service they got when working with the Home Depot or Expo Design Centers in their area.

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